Organizers / 组织者
Lulo-Design /
Artway Concept /
Li-Space / 荔空间
Wang Yigang Studio / 王易罡工作室

Curators / 策展人
Ludovic De Vita / 吕多维克 德 维塔
Gu Zhenqing / 顾振清
Soukyoun LEE / 李素友

Assistant Curators / 策展助理
Wang Lingyun / 王凌云
Isabelle Arias
Ren Dadi / 任大棣
Jiang Tianjiao / 姜天娇

Partnership / 合作伙伴
Embassy of France in China
General Consulate of France in Shenyang / 法国驻沈阳总领事馆
Embassy of South Korea in China /
General Consulate of South Korea in Shenyang / 韩国驻沈阳总领事馆

see the brochure of the exhibition 2010



三个国家的三位策展人共同筛选12位艺术家,共同塑造我们这个时代的艺术形象。 本次展览会在北京、沈阳、釜山和首尔四个城市展出,在中国和韩国的巡展将扩大他的影响力。 在文化层面基础上,《这/那,变动的世界》也体现一个社会层面,通过企业的资助来反映他们对于艺术创作的支持。


As part of the 2010 “Crossroads” Festival, the contemporary art exhibition “Here-There. The World In Motion” shows the work of 12 artists - French, Chinese and Korean - around the themes of globalization and the resulting cultural, economic and social transformations.

Reflecting the cultural collaborations developed between China and France over many years, the exhibition broadens its scope by inviting Korea by including Korean input in the cultural exchanges for the 2010 edition.

Three curators from each of the three countries have collaborated to identify work by 12 artists which provides a snapshot of the wide range artistic undertakings of our time.

The exhibition will pour through China and Korea stopping in the cities of Beijing, Shenyang, Seoul and Pusan.

Here-There. The World In Motion
Contemporary art exhibition organized by
Lulo-design, Artway concept, and Li Space

In partnership with the Embassy of France in China
within the “2010 Croisements” and supported by the Embassy of Korea in China.


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